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'The Peaks'


art project by Valentina Gelain, 2022 - Present

The main themes of the project are the psychic instances and the connection between them and, in part, what we basically consist of.


In a nutshell, ‘The Peaks’ is the connection and dialogue with ourselves. The two sides of the same coin which, by faceting, increase to infinity. What the ‘mirror’ is able to reflect, or rather what we are able to perceive of us that we do not see, reflected in our body and actions. The underground, visceral impulses of our almost invisible which is constantly perceptible and whether we like it or not, we must try to confront, accept, know and understand.


The Black and White will be brought into question, which in their rich symbolism and essence, perfectly embody the concept/vibrations that the work wants to express and these two poles that lodge within us... that are us! The visible and the invisible, the known and the abyss, always in this perpetual will and clash. We are the white, we are the black... and everything in between. The title of the work takes inspiration from the famous image of the iceberg to describe how vast, deeply rooted and unattainable by reason, the human unconscious can be. A title that finds a perfect resonance in the locations chosen for the film.

'The Peaks’ is a figuration of the self, when there is the need to make that imperceptible part visible to the eye... resulting almost palpable and rife with symbols and references.

From a message of duality and coexistence, of mutual listening, attention to the other is consequently stimulated. No longer the other within us, but other individuals.

’The Peaks’ is a reminder. The two poles, are still us. The two poles are me and the other.

The observer is invited to immerse itself in this reflection, letting itself be transported towards a personal introspection that is based on the strengthening of the ego through the awareness of the oscillating mutability of being, from which we must try to draw every filament, reflection, motion that we are able to understand, to understand and work with ourselves. Accepting discomfort and knowing how to listen to it, overturning a situation where we believe to be disarmed, in possibilities.

The multidisciplinary project involves the expression and research through the production of: video art/performance, crafting, material art, mixed media, drawings, photographs and writing.

The locations of the main work (the video) will be Lostenen and the surrounding forest in Northern Ostrobothnia (FI), The Devil's Nest in Southern Ostrobothnia (FI), and some secondary clips are filmed in the Bus del Buson, in the Belluno Dolomites Park (IT).

Info about film:

Lgth: 9min 47sec
Credits: Direction - Valentina Gelain | Camera operator - Jukka Rajala, Bekim Hasaj | Editing - Valentina Gelain | Sound/Music - Stefan Backas | Assistant - Bekim Hasaj | Professional advice Jukka Rajala
Sponsors: Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet, Svenska Kulturfonden & Arts Promotion Center Finland-Taike

The art film/project is funded by Svenska Kulturfonden, Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet & Arts Promotion Centre Finland-Taike.


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