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D.P.A.R.A. 2023-Present

Long-term public art development project in rural areas

D.P.A.R.A. stands for 'developing public art in rural areas' and clearly states the long-term mission of the project. The idea-goal is to support and implement art in rural-natural areas, investigating the generation of it in this specific frame, on several levels, and highlight the benefits of the different public art forms in relation to the cummunity in peripheral and sparely populated contexts.

Create and evolve a theoretical and practical infrastructure around the main subject, organizing a platform for the development of public art in the rural areas of Ostrobothnia. Produce, curate and facilitate public art projects, events, cultural initiatives, acting as a regional reference for artists and organizations.

The Vaasa City Museums are a partner in the project.

In 2022-2023, the project pilot was finalised, implementing the mural 'Awake' on an old barn in a field in Övermark, and collaborating with sound artist Michele Uccheddu to create a track, related to the project frame.
In addition, an outdoor event was organised in the field in October to present the initiative, reveal the mural and perform the 'Awake Aqua' music collection live.

The pilot was founded by Svenska Kulturfonden, Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet and  Närpes Municipality.


About the Project Pilot 'Awake' and to listen the music track 'Under'

'Pulic Art in Rural Areas' by Bekim Hasaj - Ostrobothnia Museum's Cultural Blog

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