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Multidisciplinary spacial installation for indoor venues

The immersive installation 'Extension-Flexion-Contraction-Spasm-Expansion' is a result of the cohesion between mural painting, sculptural canvases and three-dimensional wire compositions. There is also the possibility of integrating sound and video.

Although this art production is stylistically a repeatable concept, it is closely related to the space in which it will be implemented and the topics covered may vary.


The walls will be designed and painted with abstractions by Bekim Hasaj, both on wall and on multi-folded canvases that will serve to suggest the movement of this dense surface of colour, covering the edges and merging them with the wall.

Valentina Gelain will work with iron wire and shapes with a single line imaginary figures and subjects that will float between corners and walls of the space, until they form the main piece (a monumental face) in the centre of the longer surface.


The work creates a dense space of matter, which contracts and stretches, recalling the ebb and flow of the psyche and the thread of our essence, which so precariously defines us and traces perceptions and inner motions, continuing to reshape itself in a perpetual change. Transformation that is necessary and non-negotiable, but also crucial if embrace consciously.


The title refers to the existentialist condition of change through experience, almost describing it as a physical motion. A figuration found among visual elements in the space (colour, canvas and thread) that in a certain sense stretch and contract in shapes and images, and then flex, extend and reshape themselves to the rhythm of renewal.

A reflection on how our identity is also linked to that of others and how the dynamics mutate in relation to them. What happens when a reference point vanishes from the map of our own and others' identity?


This will be represented in this surreal space without coordinates, in a dialogue of stories and experience, of being and becoming, in a dreamlike bubble. Representing the interpersonal dynamics and relationships that have defined us, characterise us and will affect us, silhouetted and shaded in a scenario dedicated to the imperceptible motions of the soul and feelings involved.

The monumental face will be outlined by portraits of people who have marked the artists' lives and, in a broader sense, the social and emotional dynamics that bind us all to someone and vice versa, also during common and mutual developments and changes.

Remaining as pieces of the fragments that constitute us... and that decompose and recompose into ever more articulate organisms.


These characters will mingle and merge into figures and symbolism connected to the primordiality of being, in an immersive mental-scape that will open up a poetic figuration of the subconscious.

Extension-Flexion-Contraction-Spasm-Expansion by Bekim Hasaj & Valentina Gelain - visual references

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