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'Translucid skins-vibrations of us' 2024-2025

Multidisciplinary project with focus on outdoor temporary interventions/installation and production of the art film 'Fall'

The project focuses on working with site-specific interventions and installations in nature and in the forest of Ostrobothnia, which will also be visual material for the art film 'Fall'. The work will also include side-productions, such as photography, writing, paintings and drawings.


The aim is to temporarily cover natural elements (such as dead trees, boulders) with a membrane of organic translucent material, entirely capturing their plasticity and textures, symbolically recalling a skin-chrysalis. Through a performative act the artist will peel back the shell, freeing the entity. Sculptures of pale thread will interact with them, spreading along the ground and intersect with the surrounding elements and roots of fallen trees, depicting man's fears, contradictions and vices, or connected to primordiality.

A moment of personal reflection and communion with the natural element, across art... re-discovering ourselves in other beings and things, and recognize that the change we would like and the metamorphoses we project outside of us, must start from us.

The artworks and actions around them will be part of the visual material of the video. The art film entitled 'Fall' poetically analyses the human existential condition/self-analysis on many layers: from the individual to the collective, and the urgency/need for true progression, which does not happen without difficulty and personal resolve. Introspections that lead to inner dynamics, culminating in cathartic moments of active transformation. A constantly progressing awareness and state of consciousness.


The project takes inspiration from the duo exhibition 'Dripping Cavities', and the projects 'The Grey Hour' by Valentina Gelain & 'Scanning Landscape' by Bekim Hasaj.

The art project is funded by Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet & Arts Promotion Centre Finland-Taike. 

'Translucid skins-vibrations of us' by Bekim Hasaj & Valentina Gelain - visual reference

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