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'What is left-Temple of memory' 2025-2026

Interdisciplinary project based on community research and spatial-interactive-immersive installations in abandoned places, in rural (and urban) areas, plus exhibition pilot 'The Hidden Spots’

This interdisciplinary project is based on community research and spatial,interactive,immersive installations in abandoned places, in rural areas. The main research, design and realisation related to the project is planned during 2025-2026, in the rural areas Ostrobothnia. However, the groundwork and selection of the multidisciplinary artistic material will also take place on a national and international scale, e.g. during artistic residencies as an archival action.

The assortment of material will be carried out in cooperation with the community connected with those derelict facilities, through open dialogues, interviews, written material and recordings with different mediums of objects, places, people and whatnot. The archive is intended to obtain material for the main artworks, for documentation with the focus on preserving, exploring and interconnecting stories that are about to fade away, investigating and translating them into active exchange and salient insights to stir and spur timeless introspective dynamics in our contemporaneity.

Also part of the work is the exhibition concept 'The Hidden Sposts' and its body of work, in support of the project to be proposed to galleries and museums. In the exhibition the public will have to interact with an apparently bare, empty space, but one that actually conceals memories, stories, that for some reason have now fallen into oblivion.


The project 'What is left-Temple of memory' underlines the relationship with time, what we can perceive and imagine, (our) precariousness; the traces we leave behind and which are consumed quickly, the story that fades and evaporates; what was so important and what is now, linked to the personal, human and transcendental dimension.

The art project is funded by Arts Promotion Centre Finland-Taike.

'What is left-Temple of memory' by Bekim Hasaj & Valentina Gelain - visual reference

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