Born in Bajram Curri, Albania, 1990 _ Currently based in Malax, Finland



2010-2014 _ Bachelor degree in Painting from Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan (Italy), obtained a score of 110/110, with the thesis Tutte le facce dell’Io. Skills in visual arts, art history and painting.

2005-2009 _ Diploma from J. Misja High School of Art, Tirana (Albania), obtained a score of 10/10 in Painting.



Artist residency curated by Artist Residency Swap & Finnish Institute in UK and Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, March 2022.



Taiteen edistämiskeskus-Taike, working grant (two months), 2022; Svenska Kulturfonden, project grant, exhibitions promotion, 2022; Bröderna Gröndahls Stiftelse, project grant, installation - public art, 2022Svenska Kulturfonden - Frans Henriksson fond, developement project public, 2022; Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet (SÖS), project grant, exhibitions promotion, 2021-2022; Vaasa City Cultural Grantproject grant, installation - public art, 2021; Svenska Kulturfonden, project grant, installation - public art, 2021; Svenska Kulturfonden, working grant, project Scanning Landscape, 2021; Svenska Kulturfonden, project grant, art space - exhibitions, 2020; Vaasa City Cultural Grant, project grant, art space maintenance, 2020.


Selected, RINart , Tirana International Contemporary Festival 2022 (Tirana, Albania); Selected, Who I am, VIZart International Biennale 2019 (Tirana, Albania); Winners, CCSA (under 35) open call, Crema Municipality with the collective La Faretra, (Crema, Italy, 2019); Finalist, The Art of Shining, Red Bull in collaboration with Bobino Club (Milan, Italy, 2014); Finalist, Paolina Brugnatelli Art Prize (Milan, 2011).


Personal Exhibitions:

Challanging the Support at G.A.P.-Globe Art Point (Helsinki, Finland, November-December 2021); Untitled at Black Box Genesis art space (Vaasa, Finland, April-May 2019).

Group Exhibitions:

New Beginnings Festival, group exhibition at Malakta art Factory (Malax, Finland, September 2022); Konstrundan 2022, group exhibition at Malakta art Factory (Malax, Finland, September 2022); Offside #1, curator Marcus Lerviks, pop-up space in Varastokatu 6, 65100 Vaasa (Finland, May-June 2022); RINart, VIZart, National Historical Museum (Tirana, Albania, May 2022); Finnish Painters' Association Art Fair, online & at Cable Factory (Helsinki, Finland, February - April 2022); Pasila Urban Art Center (Helsinki, Finland, March-April 2022); Dripping Cavities at Makers' Gallery (Vaasa , Finland, December 2021); Konstrundan 2021 _ online exhibition Virtual Walls? Virtual Murals¿ by Black Box Genesis / Mural Rural Artists’ exhibition and Open Studio at Malakta art Factory (Malax, Finland, September 2021); Wasa Future Festival, black box genesis team exhibition about upcoming mural Click, at Wasa Innovation Center (Vaasa, Finland, August 2021); Mural Rural exhibition, Mural Rural Festival, at Malakta gallery (Malax, Finland, May 2021); The Body Lenguage, Itsliquid Group, at The ROOM Contemporary Art Space and Palazzo Albrizzi Capello (Venice, Italy, March 2021); Konstrundan 2020 (also online exhibition) at Black Box Genesis (Vaasa, Finland, September 2020) / Group exhibition at Malakta art Factory (Malax, Finland, September 2020); Wall Mania at Black Box Genesis art space (Vaasa, Finalnd, 2020); Terminal at Sale Agello (Crema, Italy, December 2019); Who I Am, VIZart International Biennal 2019 of Self-portrait at National Historical Museum (Tirana, Albania, September 2019); Konstrundan 2019 at Malakta art Factory (Malax, Finland, September 2019); Participation in Swiss Art Expo 2019 art fair (Zurich, Switzerland, August 2019); Terminal-una riflessione contemporanea ispirata a Leonardo da Vinci at Spazio d’arte Tribasso - Looking for Art (Milan,Italy, July 2019) and at Sala Bergognone (Nerviano, Italy, May 2019); Sussurri Racconti Dal Contemporaneo at Villa Rusconi (Rescaldina, Italy, February 2019); Le Forme Dell'Uomo at Casa delle Artiste (Milan, Italy, November 2018); Il Bestiario di Brera at Villa Adele (San Vittore Olona, Italy, October 2018); Le Bestie di Brera at Sala Birolli (Verona, Italy, September 2018); Participation in the exhibition for the art prize Paolina Brugnatelli, Brera Academy of Fine Art, (Milano, 2011).

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Dripping Cavities, duo exhibition at Vaasa City Art Gallery (November 2023-January 2024).


Unfolding thoughts - Requiem of a phoenix, public art installation for Book - the Lafkan project (Vaasa City Library, Finland, 2021-22); Click, mural painting for WIC-Wasa Innovation Center (Vaasa, Finland, August-September 2021); Mural Rural Festival 2021, selected artist for Mural Rural by Malakta rf ry (autumn 2020, postpone to spring 2021); Vaasa Arts Night 2020, mural painting for Vaasa Arts Night 30° anniversary (August 2020); Vaasa Arts Night 2019, art installation Glitch - sorry, there is interference (Finland, August 2019); Burning Art Festival 2018, performance Deep Smoke at Malkta Art Factory (Malax, Finland, September 2018); Vaasa Arts Night 2018, performance Living Painting at Black Box Genesis art space and on the streets (Vaasa, Finland, August 2018); Mural paintings for Canottieri Milano sports center (Milan, Italy, summer 2016); Participation as fine art student in the workshop about Breraten - Quaderno Di Appunti Visivi by Barbara Vistarini (Milan, Italy, 2015); Realization and installation of two public artworks for the municipality (Buccinasco, Italy, 2014-2015); Creation of sacred painting La Madre Nostra in collaboration with Fondazione Michetti and the Academy of Fine Art of Brera. The work was painted to replace a work stolen in the church of St. Antonio da Padova, in Francavilla al Mare (Italy, 2013-2014).


Globe Art Point exhibition archive (17th December 2021); Interview and article about Mural Rural Festival artists by Another Scratch In The Wall (Milan, Italy, 31st August 2021); Interview and article by Luca Curci, Itsliquid Group (Venice, Italy, 8th April 2021); Interview and photo documentation about Mural Rural for Vaasa Museum Archive by Silvia Rinne (Vaasa, Finland, May 2021); Interview and photo documentation about the Mural for Vaasa Arts Night 2020 for Vaasa Museum Archive by Silvia Rinne (Vaasa, Finland, September 2020); Participation in the television program, workshop and interview for Yle Strömsö ( Finland, October 2020); Interview, article and video documentation by Vaasa City cultural department, about the Mural for Vaasa Arts Night 2020 ( Vaasa, Finland, 1st September 2020); Radio interview and article by Yle cultural section ( Vaasa, Ostrobothnia, Finland, 31st July 2020); Who I Am, VIZart International Biennale 2019 of Self-portrait catalog (Tirana, Albania, September 2019); Video documentation by Crem@online and article by Cultura Crema about Terminal - una riflessione ispirata a Leonardo da Vinci group exhibition( Crema, Italy, December 2019); Interview and article for the blog/emerging section of The Bow - Art Communicator ( Italy, 8th August 2018).


Artist Talkthree meetings with the students of Vasa övningsskola, about the mural commissioned by Vaasa City (Vaasa, September 2020); Monotype online WorkshopArt Saturday Malakta (2nd May 2020); Handmade Paper WorkshopArt Saturday Malakta (14th December 2019); Artist TalkMalakta Art Factory (June 2019).


August 2022 - Present _ Vice Member of the Board for G.A.P. - Globe Art Point ry (Finland);

February 2022 - Present _ Artists Bank of Rakennustieto rts sr;

January 2022 - Present _ Member of Finnish Painters' Union (Finland);

February 2021 - Present _ Full Member of G.A.P. - Globe Art Point ry (Finland);

January 2021 - Present _ Client of Kuvasto ry Visual Arts' Copyright Society (Finland);

May 2019 - Present _ Board Member for Malakta art factory ry/rf (Malax, Finland).


​August 2021 - Present _ Co-manager of Black Box Genesis art space (online and pop-up events);

May 2018 - Present _ Founder of Black Box Genesis;

​October-November 2021 _ Art Course at Malakta (Malax, Finalnd);

April 2020 - August 2021 _ Co-Director and Artists Coordinator of Mural Rural Festival for Malakta ry/rf  (Malax, Finland);

June 2018 - July 2021 _Co-manager of Black Box Genesis art space (Vaasa, Finland);

September 2020 _ Guest Artist in Yle Strömsö for an episode on the monotype technique (Vaasa, Finland); | article

July / August 2020 _ Mural Painting in collaboration with Vaasa City for a mural grented by Bröderna Gröndahls Stiftelse - Veljekset Gröndahlin Säätiö sr (Vaasa, Finland);

2010-2017 _ Freelance Visual Artist, 360 Decor-Art (Milan, Italy);

2016 _ Mural paintings for Canottieri Milano sports center (Milan, Italy);

2014-2015 _ Realization and installation of two Public Artworks for the municipality (Buccinasco, Italy);


2015 _ Assistant for David Tremlett during a site specific artwork at Zazà Ramen (Milan, Italy);

2014 _ Preparation of the space dedicated to Remo Salvadori in the T-Rame art exhibition at the Triennale di Milano ( Milan, Italy);

2011-2014 _ Assistant for Remo Salvadori (Milan, Italy).

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