Ubiquity, Amanda Hellryd, 2019
Ubiquity by Amanda Hellryd, 9-17 December 2019 

Ubiquity presented at Black Box Genesis shows new developed work during Hellryd’s artist in residency at Stundars Museum. Hellryd’s work interrogates the notion of the grid and terrain, combining a systematic response to nature with a sensorial experience of the body.

Her work evokes the tangibility of moving across land according to the grid, at the same time investigating the organic systems nature itself possess. The works use materials such as rope, steel wire and clay to create new trajectories and speaking of a language based on tangibility, temporality and intensity.

Furthermore, the material language speaks of substructure and corresponds to the mundane actions humans make use of to preserve the landscape, highlighting the small gestures and discourses - both present and absent.


Artist Book, Oscar Hagen, 2019

The exhibition FLOWERS IN THE SHADOW is about abstract spontaneous expressions of the subconscious through colours and lines. Oscar Hagen is working from a meditative state, where a spontaneous visual language takes over and express itself trough Hagens subconscious movements in the hand as he paint. Inner landscapes of the mind takes form on the paper just like flowers are taking form when they flourish. Without knowing where the process is going it ends up being a form of therapy, where feelings and emotions express themselves through the subcouncious, like flowers in the shadow. The exhibition contains new works from 2019 where Hagen is using watercolour and ink on paper.



Kuikan huuto - photo exhibition by Eero Murtomäki, 22 September-6 October 2019 

"Tarkkailin ja valokuvasin seitsemän kesän aikana kotiseutuni lammella pesivää kuikkaparia ja siellä vierailevia muita kuikkia. Havainnoistani ja valokuvista tein kirjan Kuikanhuudon kuulumalta. Näyttelyn teokset ovat poimintoja kirjan kuva-aineistosta."

"For seven summers, I observed and photographed a pair of loons nesting on a pond near my home and other loons visiting there.
I turned these observations into a book Kuikanhuudon kuulumalta. The photos in the exhibition are excerpts from the book's artwork."

On the occasion of the Film Premiere On Wings of The Raven - Kaarneen siivillä (September 28-29th, Vaasa), Black box genesis, in collaboration with Elokuvakeskus Botnia, is pleased to host the photo show by Eero Murtomäki at the art space.

Partner and sponsor: Lumimuutos Osuuskunta, Vaasa/Vasa Wildlife Festival, The City of Vaasa/Vasa , Taike, Eteläpohjanmaan kulttuurirahasto.

Valët e pamjes-waves of view by Emil Pejtamalli, 7-13 June 2019

Emil Pejtamalli was born in Albania in 1989. After finishing his art high school in Elbasan, he moved to Italy, to Milan, where he graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. In those years his canvases oscillated between a perfect balance of symbolism and surrealism, always bringing the unmistakable fine technique.
An important element for the artist, who also discussed in thesis, was the presence of the red color in his works and his symbolic values.
After the milan period, Emil moved to South Africa for some years, where he spent an inner period that was anything but peaceful.
But that storm of the soul brought to light a more conscientious and free artist, bringing out in his art the instinct of the gesture and more tribal figures.
Now the artist is back in Italy, in the city of Bologna, where he will finish his visual arts studies.
This exhibition collects art works exclusively from 2019, where we can see the new path undertaken.

Untitled by Bekim Hsaj, 26 April-12 May 2019

The privileged subject for the artist is undoubtedly humans, in all its many and fragmentary facets. Over the years his painting has undergone a slow but incessant process of evolution, traceable in the transition from realism to abstractionism. Human figures have begun to split up and articulate; the same canvas has undergone profound changes.
A constant evolution of his works must also be observed; the artist likes to rethink and re-contextualize the work continuously. In fact, the initial idea is often only the starting point of a process that can ultimately lead to a radical transformation of the work undertaken.
At the moment the artist is looking for a closer dialogue between work and environment, between color and concept, in search of a new artistic balance.

Fall by Valentina Gelain, 25 November-16 December 2018

Black Box Genesis is pleased to present the 2nd art exhibition of Valentina Gelain _ 'Fall', Vaasa (Finland), from 25th November to 16th December 2018.

The exhibition includes six photographic prints on canvas with black thread intervention, six prints of photographic elaborations on cardboard with acrylic intervention and photographic  elaborations transmitted on monitors. The natural settings are landscapes photographed in the province of Belluno, Italy, and near the  city of Vaasa, Finland.

​The exhibition will transport you to a different plan: the oneiric and surreal, where there will be human sensations with all their terrible beauty

Nothing to explain. Feel.

Panismo by Valentina Gelain, 7 June-22 July 2018

This artistic cycle started from 2014 until 2016. It is called Panism, which literally means 'fusion with nature'.

The exhibition consists of an installation, graphic prints, photographs showing the installation of a sculpture in the woods, video art, drawings and watercolors.

''The location I chose to create Panismo is called Bus del Buson. It is a fossil gorge of the Ardo torrent, located in the municipality of Bolzano Bellunese, in the province of Belluno.(...) Wanting to look at the place from an artistic point of view, this that I found in this particular rock form is a still atmosphere, full of mystery and peace. The silence that reigns there is imperturbable, almost absolute; any sound coming from the surrounding wood still fades before entering. It is also interesting to note that the gorge, almost a rocky "gut", has two entrances, similar to each other, almost identical. It is  difficult to distinguish between "entry" and "exit". I will say more.

There rocky stratification creates highly plastic and palpitating chiaroscuro patches, almost unnatural; the light succeeds touch only some parts of the rock, leaving others still in the dark. Furthermore, the vertiginous height produces a silence deafening, in which the echo of any slightest noise reverberates in the air, sliding from ravine to crevice.(...)''

Black Box Office: renovation, decoration and inauguration, May-June 2018

Black Box Genesis Art Studio has been completely renewed by our team and also the marketing operation and the graphic part has been taken care of by us.
We have personally dealt with the inauguration of the space lasting two days. In these two days, two artistic performances were conceived and realized exclusively for the inauguration: a video performance and a live painting performance, all accompanied by preparatory sketches and watercolors.

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