STARTING FROM SELF - and the reflection in the other by Carina Ahlskog, Alexandra Harald, Moa Cederberg, Ocrtober 31-November 29 2020

‘’With the three artists, we have a language that starts strongly from the personal and intrinsic sphere. Whether from a social, geographical, biological or physical background, in this case, the artist is at the forefront to experiment and tell something through their own experience, the own self. Here it's visible, it almost touches the autobiographical in some cases. The inner is reflected, expands and touches different points and probing different social, existential, perceptive themes... intimate stories, which however automatically become everyone's.’’

Carina Ahlskog, through a video, investigates the physicality of movement, their preservation in the digital sphere and new ways to approach everyday life | www.carinaahlskog.com . Moa Cederberg participates in the exhibition with an installation where, through the use of mix textile and abstract painting, she's trying to illustrate the situation of in-betweenship that is created by an adoption | www.moacederberg.fi . The artist Alexandra Harald presents some photos of a photographic project focused on the visualization of the human body and integration with nature.

Black Box Genesis art space - Mon | Tue closed, other days 12:00 - 17:00 _ Hovioikeudenpuistikko 3b, 65100 Vaasa / Hovrättsesplanaden 3b, 65100 Vasa

This exhibition project has the support of Svenska Kulturfonden.

All This Silent Space by Ailish Maher, 25-26 September 2020

All This Silent Space examines thoughts on loneliness and social disconnectedness. It looks at the importance and effect of touch, social interaction and the way in which the absence of that can effect the body. How do we engage our bodies and our senses in order to reconnect with ourselves and others?

This project has been kindly supported by Regionala danscentret i Österbotten, Svenska Österbottniska Samfundet & Black Box Genesis.

Ailish Maher is an Irish/Finnish dance artist based in Vasa since 2019. She graduated from The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in 2014. Since then she has gained extensive performance and creation experience with various choreographers and companies and has taught internationally. Ailish has an interest in collaborative work that draws from, and examines, the emotional and physical communication between the body, movement and performance.



article in Vasabladet 21.09.2020 

Konstrundan 2020 with Bekim Hasaj, Valentina Gelain & Jon Gredmark, 12-13 September

For Konstrundan 2020, Black Box Genesis opens the doors of the arts pace in Hovioikeuden Puistikko 3b, Vaasa, with inedited artworks by Bekim Hasaj, Valentina Gelain and Jon Gredmark.


The appointment is 12-13 September, from 11:00 to 17:00. Save the date and don't miss these two days of open studios in Finland!

We also had the pleasure of being part of Konstrundan 2020 Instagram take over.

www.konstrundan.fi/sv/ateljeer/view-152673-523video presentation

Mural for Vaasa Arts Night 30° anniversary, July-August 2020

Valentina Gelain and Bekim Hasaj, this summer, had the honor of being part of Vaasa City urban landscape with a mural that will celebrate the Night of the Arts' 30° anniversary. Thanks again to everyone who supported and made the project possible!

Thank you: Vaasan kaupunki - Vasa stad | Vaasan kaupungin kulttuuripalvelut / Vasa stads kulturtjänster , Project Manager Illka Nyqvist, Grented by

Bröderna Gröndahls Stiftelse - Veljekset Gröndahlin Säätiö sr, Bilding Vasa Övningsskola.

video documentation | www.vaasa.fi/ajankohtaista/vaasan-uusin-muraali-valmistui-koulukadulle/ 

articles: Vasabladet 3.9.2020 | Ilkka-Pohjalainen 1.8.2020 | Yle 31.07.2020 | Vasabladet 30.7.2020 | Vasabladet 11.6.2020 

MEMBRANE II art exhibition by Anneli Holmstrom & Janette Ayachi, 6-8 August 2020

The Membrane is a collaborative artwork composed of installation, film and audio, with visual productions by Anneli Holmstrom and Poetry by Janette Ayachi.

The work is narrated in two chapters titled MEMBRANE I and MEMBRANE II, with the first chapter being presented as a film piece at Platform and chapter II presented at Black Box Genesis gallery for Vaasa Art Night. The work is the result of a collaboration between Holmstrom and Ayachi who have taken the theme of membrane as their narrative starting point. Within this story site, visitors are invited into a psychological landscape about diffusion and interpretation. Here, the viewer to is also a semi-permiable gate that must intuitivley forge their own narrative locale from what is let in and what is let out. The project is produced in collaboration with Black Box Genisis Gallery and Platform and kindly supported by Svenska Kulturfonden.

Anneli Holmstrom is a Scottish/Finnish artist currently based in Jakobstad Finland. Janette Ayachi is a Scottish/Algerian poet currently based in Edinburgh Scotland.

Vasabladet 6.8.2020

THROWughOUT art exhibition by Valentina Gelain, March 28-April 12 2020

THROWughOUT is a personal exhibition by Valentina Gelain that will present two of the most recent art works made in summer 2019 in her homeland in Italy.
'Unconscious' & 'Belluno - temple of memory' even if emerged at completely different times, they have been able to establish a connection not only temporal and esthetical, but also of meanings.
'Unconscious' has a direct connection with the artistic cycle 'Panismo' and 'Horror Vacui', so the RELATIONship between human and environment and its primordial essence.
The second was conceptualized already when the artist had started the academy in Milan, but finalized only after a crucial loss. 'Belluno-temple of memory' essentially represents the stillness of memories and WHAT we can build with and on them... and feel.

The exhibition hosts performances' documentation (photographs, videos), an installation and two self-portraits.

video documentation

Wall Mania - art exhibition by Jon Gredmark, Oscar Hagen and Bekim Hasaj, 1 - 12  February 2020 

Just one rule: use the surface of the wall to give life to spontaneous artistic action lived in the moment.

NOW, right now.

This is the shared feeling of this group exhibition, in constant change and evolution, experimenting with ideas that emerge directly from a flow of emotions caught in the present and that will be given to the public without filters.

The subjective discourse will grow and merge in a collective dialogue, where meeting, understanding, colliding ... will be part of this visual communication between these three artists.

This experience, lived on the spot, will generate a singular, unexpected, unedited result.


Yes, changes of the art work will be made during the period!


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Mural Vaasa Arts Night Anniversary

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