Panismo, stop motion video, 2016

Artistic production 2019 - 2020

black&white,white&black, video art, performance documentation, 2019-20

Fall, 2017 - 2018
Uominicane, installation art, 2016
Brera - painting with memory, 2015
Panismo, 2015 - 2016
Artist Book - Impossibility of movement, 2015
Horror Vacui n.2, 2014
Self portrait, 2014
Re e Regina, 2014
Zoomorphism, and if..., 2013

Valentina Gelain was born in Feltre in 1992. She graduated with honors from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and is dedicated to full-time art.
After her studies she moved to Finland, where she started the Art Factory Studio "Black Box Genesis" with her husband and artist Bekim Hasaj.
Her strongly evocative art is characterized by a marked self-referential spirit. The artist is always careful to plumb her inner self, and from there that of other people, for reproduce it and almost impress it in her works.
The fundamental theme of her art is the 'Sentimento Panico', that subterranean, almost visceral desire to merge one's body with the natural element. Hence the constant interest that the artist has reserved (and still reserves today) to the rural landscape of her land, where the wind, the water, the forest and the rock still create profound suggestions. What transpires from her works is a desire for evasion and, at the same time, for reunification; a deep and suffered need for peace.
Another recurring theme in her artistic production is the unconscious; that suggestive latent world that dwells within every human being. In this regard it is possible to mention her "Uomini cane", anthropomorphic figures in which the human character merges with the animal one. What the artist wants to highlight is the constant emergence in human of those impulses that we could call primitive and primordial; that association of forces with which human, despite the long intellectual and cultural evolution, is called to confront themself for the whole course of  their existence. Her "Uomini cane", with their still and disturbing looks, appear to be characterized by a sense of deep and unnatural stasis. The impossibility of movement, in fact, is accompanied by the liquidity of their bodies, in an oxymoric, but only apparent, contradiction.

Last six exhibition:

- THROWughOUT (online exhibition), personal exhibition at Black Box Genesis (Vaasa, Finland, March 28 - April 12 2020);
- Salong 20x20x20, group exhibition at Galleri Socker ( Umeå, Sweden, March 2020);
- Ibis Open Wall group photo exhibition at Ibis Photo Gallery (Vaasa, Finland, November 2019 - February 2020);
- Terminal collective art exhibition at Sale Agello (Crema, Italy, December 2019);
- On the occasion of LYNX 2019, her art work ‘L’occhio del nibbio’ was present at the third and last art exhibition at Lokarjeva art gallery, (Ajdovščina, Slovenia,November - December 2019);
- VIZart International Biennal 2019 of Self-portrait at National Historical Museum (Tirana, Albania, September 2019).


personal exhibition virtual mode, 2020