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Finalist for the
Contemporanea Prize 2024
Group exhibition at
Palazzo Ducale Orsini-Colonna, 

Although his research approach is interdisciplinary, open and ready to experiment outside his primary field of study, Hasaj remains strongly connected to painting.

By questioning representation and content, his artistic research focuses on the fundamental and constituent elements of a pictorial work: colors, forms, gestures, space and support. 


The process of 'making' plays a fundamental part in the development and creation of the work. How the material is treated and used, changed and imprinted in a space that becomes almost sculptural, guided by improvisation and intuition.


In a broader view, the artist is interested in the multidimensions that the medium can touch in order to apply and experiment with it in different disciplines and forms of expression, aiming to understand the genesis of artistic creation. For this reason, he also works with photography, installation, sculpture, video art and more.


Hasaj likes to reflect in terms of co-existence, visible and not, known or unknown, linked to psychology, philosophy, and social and anthropological themes, developing and studying them in a form of self-analysis and self-perception. Nevertheless, the artist believes that to be aware of the totality, one must also be aware of the self.

Curriculum Vitae

Portfolio on the Artist Register by Artists' Association of Finland

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