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'Awake', Övermark, April-June 2023

A barn made in 1947, in the field of Vasavägen 1335, Övermark, Närpes (62.591006,21.438455), in recent months has been the focus of work on a site-specific mural, coating it entirely in colour and giving new life and purpose. The art piece inaugurates the BBG project of developing public art in rural areas of Ostrobothnia region. Investigating and highlighting the benefits, know-how, and development of the different public art forms in peripheral and sparely populated contexts.

´Awake´ represents an abstraction of the surrounding landscape in a multilevel of underground soil, sightseen of trees and forest, and a dynamically shaped sky created by geometric lines. Three zoomorphic figures are designed under the 'soil' level of this abstract landscape which symbolizes the growing seeds, 'awakening' from the winter season, reborn, rise in a metaphorical expression that finds application in many different social contexts of our life. Both, the zoomorphic figures creation and the abstract color-shape play, have been inspired by the location where the artwork was planned to be implemented. The combination of the two artists' singular style and practice is brought further and developed toward a unique art piece.

In addition to the mural painting piece, a sound artist was invited to create a music composition following the same framework and concept of the whole project. Michele Uccheddu has created the 'Awake Aqua' collection and the track 'Under' which can be listened freely HERE and will soon be accessible on site! A public event was organised in October 2023, to present the artworks and perform live music.

Funded by Svenska Kulturfonden, Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet (SÖS), Närpes Municipality | Location Manager: Magdalena Lindroos | Collaborator: Övermark Byaråd rf, Supranu Records | Thank you to Patrik & Lilli Groop (barn owners)


Sydin 5.5.2023​ | 'Public Art in Rural Areas' by Bekim Hasaj - Ostrobothnia Museum's Cultural Blog |​ Sydin & Vasabladet 5.7.2023

'Unfolding thoughts - Requiem of a phoenix', Book - the Lafkan project, 2021-22

​Art Installation with recycled books by Black Box Genesis team for Book - the Lafkan project

After the closure of the historic Lafkan antiques shop in Vasa, Art in Malakta rf got the opportunity to collect the books, offering the artists of the house the possibility to use them for artistic practices.

Black Box Genesis team included them not only as material in the installation, but decided to dedicate the project to this topic, examining its conceptual essence and technical peculiarities. The artist duo realized the art piece 'Unfolding thoughts - Requiem of a phoenix' as a tribute to the shop founded 1971, but also to the printed book: in a physical and symbolical way, and the social aspects related to it.


​The artwork consists of two paper ‘steles’ suspended above a 'pool' filled with black wax.

Between the weave of the paper and the folds that also mould human features, threads emerge from the bottom of the two subjects, immersing themselves in the wax. The threads connect the two entities, as information, words, ink, flowing between the two parts.
The wax, which looks like deep black water, is important for its property of being malleable and melting/crystallising very quickly. Like the ideas, thoughts and knowledge that the book helps to fill and shape, which can only be enriched (not to mention the indirect skills that reading brings).

Book like a full vessel, which empties itself and at the same time fills the reader in a communicative flow... transmitting information.
The choice of the number of ‘steles’ is in relation to the exclusive relationship that the person has with the book. Their experience will be guided by subjectivity and the personal sphere. An intimacy that in this work becomes almost solemn.

The art piece also focuses on the technological part of the book: recycling the paper and using it to create the more physical and main part of the installation, which will also offer abstractions and precious details.

Funded by Svenska Kulturfonden, Vaasa City Cultural Services & Bröderna Gröndahls Stiftelse | Partner & Collaborators: Malakta Art Factory/Art in Malakta rf, Susanne Marins & Vaasa City Cultural Services | Thank you to Platform, Margherita Labbe & Reza Effati.


Vasabladet 7.6.2022​​

'Dialogue not just chromatic - Decentralization', pictorial installation 2022

In the pictorial installation, two descriptive levels intertwine, which together create an evocative and surreal composition. A vibrant dialogue, balanced between figuration and abstraction, between meaning and symbolism. The power of color is the protagonist. Between the black and white, dense and vibrant, the chromatic spectrum unrolls, taking shape and movement in the material folds that unravell from the compositional fulcrum. These reliefs, seen as ripples of the psyche, extend into reverberations of light that lead to the illustrative part of the work. Expressive images, clearly represent two zoomorphic characters who embody, silhouetted against a mental landscape, psychic instances. An absorbed and sleeping Ego almost mirrors an alert Unconscious, in a play of reflections, similarities, and contrasts. The shadows of one, are the lights in the other. Now the invisible is even sharper, that impalpable part of us has found the figurative dimension, wanting to bring out possible representations that can be traced back to our interiority

The art piece has been conceived and realised for the group exhibition at Pasila Art Center - Helsinki Urban Art, in Helsinki, open to the public in March and April 2022.

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