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           Black Box Genesis
                    art life project

                           This relation was born as intuition, as need, as a vision.

     The vision of creativity and passions in our lives.

                                          Lives that have intertwined with a reality called Art.

                               Artist, a way of being, communicate and expressing oneselve.

   Ever-evolving ispiration to moving forward, beyond

                We started walking... the path to find our way

Road that will lead to infinity ~



'Public Art in Rural Areas' by Bekim Hasaj - Ostrobothnia 
Museum's Cultural Blog

Poster Visual_edited.jpg

Dripping Cavities
Exhibition Project 2022-23 

Bekim Hasaj
visual art project
Scanning Landscape

Clients of Kuvasto oy (Visual Arts'Copyright Society) | Full Member of G.A.P. - Globe Art Point Helsinki ry | Artists' Association of Finland - Artist Register

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