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'L'occhio del nibbio', video, 2019-20

'L'occhio del nibbio' is the first video experience for the Black Box Genesis artists. The team wanted to experiment this medium for Terminal (a contemporary reflection inspired by Leonardo da Vinci) exhibition cycle, curated by Stefano Monti & Giulia Morichi Python, in 2019.

A cycle of exhibitions centred on the figure of the itinerant creative, which proposed, through the eyes of young contemporary artists, to analyse the theme of the necessary and progressive removal from places of origin to new realities, in a world that is becoming ever smaller and more familiar. The video traces, through universal symbologies such as the gaze, spring, the tree and roots, Finnish landscapes that are not yet entirely familiar to the artists, but to which they are now connected. The narration, also through sound, is tense and induces in the observer this sensation of waiting, of absence, but also of recall. A call of an inescapable truth.

Taking the name from one of the most famous inventions of the Master, Valentina Gelain and Bekim Hasaj used the bird as a metaphor for change, for the need to move, sometimes, to survive. Move as many artists do in order to give hope to their vocation, having to follow the right current flying towards their destiny... a destiny that only the death can conclude. 


Video trailerTerminal exhibition, Crema, Italy - video

Performance 'Deep Smoke' for Burning Art Festival 29 September 2018, Art Factory Malakta


'Wax flowing down to a surface that runs upward.

Smoke tracing signs on paper forming arabesques of a lost memory.

Seal on the sepulcher where the unconscious glows.

Pyramid from which an eye peers from the darkness.

Fire flames, while time burns.'

Live performance during which we interact with the space and the viewer, using an installation and also our body. Candles will be used as a basic object to dialogue with the paper surface that will allow us to give body to the work that will complete its 'being' with the encounter of human corporeity.

'Don't Be Afraid To Open The Box!'


#dontbeafraidtoopenthebox is not only an advertising idea to break the barriers of space to communicate Black Box Genesis with people and the rest of the world, but also a fun and dynamic way to experience social media! With this amusing 'word of mouth' game, people feel themselves to be protagonists in the first person and can try to express their personal creativity!

The basic text:

Don't be afraid to open the box! 
Think creative, think positive, think big! All that you need is inside the box! From Finland to XXX, all over the world. I support this amazing idea, born from a couple of friends of mine and based in Finland ( #vaasa )! They are spreading their creativity and their art-based knowledge around Europe, and they are searching for new challenges where to express their passion! Wanna know more? Have a look at their website and get in touch with them!

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'Memento Mori', stop motion video, 2018

'Memento mori' is an artistic work carried out on plastic supports spread among the trees of the Finnish forest, near the city of Vaasa in May 2018. This experimentation was photographed to create a stop motion video and watercolors show the chosen subjects. This video performance was designed for the first day of the inauguration of the studio / art space.

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